How strong are wood sunglasses?

We believe our modern sunglasses are comparably as strong as a plastic frame, however sunglasses are in general delicate items. Our spring hinges are fabricated into the arms of the glasses for added rigidity. Each pair is supplied with an engraved wood hard case to protect your investment.

How heavy are wood sunglasses?

Our sunglasses are lighter than you might think, they weigh roughly the same as a standard pair of mainstream plastic sunglasses. Heavy enough to sit comfortably while being worn, light enough to have up resting in your hair or in the neck of a t-shirt.

How secure is this site?

All orders are processed securely through the integrated PayPal Web Payments service. PayPal are the largest and most trusted online payment processor in the world. We accept all major credit cards and don't keep or give out your personal details.

What are polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses reduce glare so you can see further and more clearly. They are especially recommended for reducing glare from water, snow and driving.
All of our polarised lenses are 100% UVA/UVB rated.

Can I put my prescription lenses in these wood frames?

It's very hard to find optometrists who will work with wood frames, it could be possible for replacement lenses to be fabricated into our glasses, however we do not recommend this. 

How can I take care of my sunglasses?

To maintain your glasses we provide a microfibre cleaning cloth, this can be used to remove oil and dust contaminants from the wood and lenses. Wood glasses can be exposed to water, however we recommend minimising contact with water and carefully drying your sunglasses after any exposure.
To protect from damage use of the provided hard case and pouch is recommended whenever possible.

Can I buy the frames without lenses?

We regret we do not offer this option.

What warranty covers my purchase?

We offer a 90 day warranty from the date your sunglasses are shipped. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and is valid only with proof of purchase. Bamboo Eyewear reserve the right to decide whether the product is covered under the warranty terms. The warranty does not cover direct or indirect misuse or abuse. 

Please note, the warranty does not cover scratched lenses. All warranty claims must be directly submitted to Bamboo Eyewear, retailers cannot provide warranty service.

For further enquiries please contact

What is Blue Light?

Here is a short science lesson… The light spectrum that is visible to your eyes contain blue light at its UV end. Vibrating in the range of 380 – 500 nanometer, blue light has the highest energy and the shortest wavelength.
The main source of blue light is the sunlight. But there are some artificial sources like LEDs, fluorescent light, computer monitors, LED TV flat screens, tablets and smartphone screens.

Can Blue light affect your health?

The amount of blue light rays emission from our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and general electronic devices are lower compared to sunlight. Your eyes lens and cornea are not capable of blocking visible blue light rays passing through the eye. When you are working behind your computer screen for a long time of the day, blue light can interfere with your natural sleep quality and daily rhythm of the body. You may also experience migraines, headache, and eye fatigue.

How is Digital Eyestrain Connected to Blue Light?

Blue light causes digital eyestrain. High energy and short-wavelength blue light spread easily than any other light that you can see. Since digital devices and computer screens release excess blue light, the blurry visual “clatter” generated decreases contrast leading to eyestrain.
The rate at which people blink when using electronic devices is also low resulting to eye dryness hence eyestrain. Some common symptoms of eyestrain include blurred vision, headache, and shoulder and neck pain. Many studies show that about a third of people using electronic devices for long periods experience one of the above signs.

Why are Blue Light Glasses becoming Popular?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic effects such as work from home and lockdowns, many people were still spending a lot of time behind digital screens. This has increased in the past 2 years, and the digital screens proximity to our eyes is raising concerns around the possible effects of blue light to the health of our eyes after prolonged use of digital screens.

Are Blue Light Glasses helping?

Have you come across names like screen glasses, blue-light filters, or compute lenses? Al these different names refer to blue light glasses. To make it easy for you, at Bambies we simply call them blue-light eyeglasses - our glasses have an additional filter of blue light. Adding blue light filter to your eyeglass lenses help in blocking the amount of blue light emissions reaching your eyes. This can protect your eyes by regulating the daily blue light that reaches your retina, hence good sleep quality.


Does Blue Light Glasses really Work?

The effectiveness of blue light glasses and whether they block blue light or not is still a debate left for the glass-wearers and optometrists. There is no any current study that show that electronic displays produces enough blue light that is harmful. Nevertheless, prolonged use of digital displays increase light scatter that affect vision, therefore reducing screen light exposure can help to improve eye focus.

Can Blue Light Glasses reduce Eyestrain?

Even though there is no standing evidence yet, but we can say that there are several causes of eyestrain like blue light overexposure. When you spend a lot of time looking at electronic screens you can experience eye fatigue. You can also strain your eye muscles when you are sitting very close to your computer screen. These glasses can help you to protect your eyes when you always spend long hours working behind computer screens or any other electronic device that emit blue light. Blue-light eyeglasses also increases contrast giving you a comfortable view when using your digital screens for extended periods.

Do you Need Blue Light Eyeglasses?

When you are spending a lot of time working on your computer and would like to maintain the accuracy of color, try eyeglasses with lenses that filter blue light. You can also use these glasses whenever you experience digital eyestrain and also when you are having problem falling asleep.

What effects does Blue Light Filters have on your Prescription?

The filter is just a coating added to your lenses and has no any effect to your
prescription. For more information you can contact us at

Is Blue-light Eyeglass Blue in Color?

The name does not suggest the color of these glasses, blue light glasses are not blue in color. They feel and look pretty just like the normal glasses. Their lenses have a thin yellowish tint that is hardly noticeable. The name comes from the kind of light they protect your eyes from.

Can you Change Bambies Blue-light Glass Lenses?

Yes! At Bambies we offer a wide range of blue light glasses that are RX designed for easy change of lenses. You can buy our glasses and contact your optometrist to have your prescription lenses.

Why Bambies Eco-glasses?

Our sustainable eyewear glasses are a literal power of nature. The surface is natural wood wax oil.

These Bio-based frames are laminated with rosewood, ebony, and carbon fiber with a non-toxic plant-based treatment for a pure finish to ensure durability and strength, resulting in the most durable sunglasses. Your skin is safe! Yeah, you read that right Their shape features are designed to fit most face shapes. They are also perfect for medium to large face size.

✅ RX Designed-easy to replace lenses
 Standard blue-light glasses
✅ Made sustainable with wood from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved sources.
✅  Extremely lightweight frames for maximum comfort
✅  Unique timber grain to every pair
✅  Sweat and Water Resistant
✅  Materials: Walnut/ Ebony Wood with Carbon Fibre, Plant-based acetate ear-tips

✅  We ship Bambies products all over Australia, New Zealand (NZ) and worldwide. 


FAQs about Bambies Wooden Watches

How do we create our wooden watches?

We are about our planet! Creating wooden watches takes an exceptional kind of ability. We work collectively with skilled creators and craftsmen with an eye for invention and surely exemplify our desire for connecting with our environment, customers, and the planet.

From prototype to design, all our collections are made with affection and checked for durability, quality, and wearability by our professional team.

Are the bambies wooden watches made of actual wood?

Yes! Our wooden watches are unbelievably comfortable⁠, durable, and made from sustainable materials. We have a range of different unique looks since each timber grain is unique to every pair.


How do I adjust my wooden watch strap size?

The size of your wooden watch can be adjusted by removing some links from the strap. You can do it by yourself or take it to a watch maker or a jeweler. Your delivery will include several tools that you can use to easily adjust the strap yourself.

Is it possible to add gift wrapping to an order?

Buying a bambies wood watch as a gift for a loved one? Every wooden watch is packed in a beautiful sustainable box, set for an exclusive unboxing experience.

Why Bambies Wooden Watches?

Naturally Sustainable

Our wooden watches are environmentally friendly, crafted from sustainable and ethically sourced materials. Our designs embody timelessness, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Discover to Make

Our passion to explore and discover the untouched places on our planet, extremely inspire our designs. We are about adventure and creativity!

A gift with personality

Each wooden watch is made from natural wood, with unique features to fit your unique persona. You can customize them for an additional personal touch.

We’ve got you covered!

We confidently stand behind the value of our products with confidence. All our broken sunglasses are eligible for return within 6 months of purchase date alongside proof of purchase.


Need more information?

If you haven't found the answer you were looking for here please don't hesitate to drop the Bambies wooden eyewear and watch manufacturer team an email at and we will do our best to provide you with the information you are looking for.