What Lens Color is Best for Your Wood Sunglasses?

If you are looking for the best pair of wooden sunglasses, one feature that can challenge you when making the right choice is the lens’ color. Even though many people always make choices depending on their personal likings, actually there are some aspects behind lens color than you can imagine.

Are you aware that various lens colors have some effects on how your sunglasses are filtering sunlight, and also visual effects? Each color can filter out some wavelengths making each color appropriate for different settings and occasions.

Below are the most general lens color options you can probably find when looking for sunglasses and some of the effects each color of the lens may cause on your vision and your eyes.

Amber and Brown Lenses

Like lenses with red color, amber and brown lenses also filter out blue light. In addition to that, they provide brighter vision mainly on cloudy days which can perfectly increase sharpness and clarity in outdoor surroundings. You can rock our Coolangatta a warm tinted sunglass with bamboo frames.

Gray Lenses

Sunglasses with gray tinted lenses range from those having a pale silvery finish to those looking almost black. They do not alter much real life color due to the neutral color they have hence offering you a perfect view of the outside world. Check out our Byron Bay a homemade wooden sunglass.

Green Lenses

These lenses provide eyes with a comforting effect. Green lenses also enhance contrast and sharpness. Lenses with green colors are appropriate to be used in outdoor environments, especially for some sports such as golf and tennis.

Melanin Lenses

Sunglass lenses with melanin tints appear like amber or yellowish. They provide protection from harmful effects of much sun exposure. For this reason, they are believed to have great benefits to people having macular degeneration. Meet Whitehaven a good wood sunglass.

Orange to Yellow Lenses

Sunglasses with orange and yellow tones offers better contrast mostly in low light and foggy settings. They are therefore, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. These lenses are good when you are driving at night.

Red and Rose Colored Lenses

Reddish or rose colored lenses provide protection from blue light which can strain your eyes. They improve contrast and are also suitable for individuals who spend extended time periods looking at screens. They can also be used when driving.

Purple and Blue Lenses

Sunglasses with Purple and Blue tints block the light’s infrared spectrum making them suitable for people suffering from eye conditions like ocular fatigue and dryness.

Various lens colors provides great vision and protection, however, apart from color, there are some other important factors you need also to consider like thickness and material of the lens. Some lenses also have polarization filters and anti-glare tints which provide a better vision outdoor.

When looking for best wooden sunglasses, irrespective of the choice of your lens color, ensure that your lenses offer 100% UV protection from the sunlight rays for the sake of your eyes safety. At Bambies, all our eyewear collections provide 100%UV protection. Check out our catalogue and find out for yourself. We offer nothing but the best Australia made wooden sunglasses.

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