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Explore our collection of wooden sunglasses, crafted from the most eco-friendly and sustainable FSC wood. Experience maximum comfort with extremely lightweight frames, polarized and UV400 lenses for eye protection, and quality spring-loaded hinges to fit all sizes. Each pair features unique timber grain, ensuring a distinctive look.

Bambies sustainable sunglasses collection 

Our sustainable sunglasses collection is designed from the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials available. These durable sunglasses feature bio-based frames laminated with rosewood, ebony, and carbon fiber with a non-toxic plant-based treatment for a pure finish to ensure durability and strength.  

There's a certain feeling you get when the sun comes out and your favorite sunglasses are on your face. We love sustainable frames made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo because they're always on trend!

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of eco-friendly sunglasses that are sustainable and great for the environment. Whether you're headed to the beach on a sunny day or taking out your shades when it starts getting cloudy, wearing UV protection is essential for protecting our eyes from harmful rays and giving us that cool factor in any dress code!


Why Bambies sustainable sunglasses? 

What do you get when nature lovers and designers start incorporating sustainable materials into their work? Bambies Australia glasses! Each frame is crafted from natural, eco-friendly sources with love.

The company not only cares about how great the glasses look but also that they're durable enough for all types of activities or environments.

The Bambies mission is to provide you with the best quality eyewear at an affordable price without compromising on your environment. We believe that buying a pair of glasses should never be difficult when it comes down to choosing between comfort and style, which is why we work hard to exceed this goal!

We want to protect our planet and we're doing this by making designs that are as low-impact as possible. Our eco-friendly sunglasses range is vast and includes but is not limited to; bamboo wood sunglasses, bamboo shades sunglasses, natural bamboo wood sunglasses, plant-based sunglasses, eco sunglasses, women's wooden sunglasses, timber bamboo sunglasses, quality sustainable sunglasses, Australian ethical sunglasses, eco wood sunglasses and so much more. Our sustainable sunglasses frames don't use any materials, like metal or plastic; instead, they're plant-based bioacetate glasses that come housed in eco-friendly packaging!

If you want sustainable sunglasses without compromising on style, get a pair of plant-based and cool wooden sunglasses from Bambies. We offer stylish wooden frames that are both affordable and comfortable!

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Sustainable sunglasses shipping

We work hard at making sure your new sustainable sunglasses are delivered right the first time! We deliver our sustainable sunglasses all over Australia and worldwide. We've teamed up with AusPost to handle all of our shipping needs. This will allow a seamless shipping experience from the moment you pay for your order right up until it arrives on your doorstep. For all sustainable sunglasses orders over $30, we provide free standard and express shipping. For all international sustainable sunglasses orders we offer shipping at a flat rate of $10 for all orders over $80. If you have any questions about our sustainable sunglasses delivery service, get in touch with the team, we are always happy to help with any sustainable sunglasses enquiries.