About us

Bambie’s is an Eco-friendly wooden sunglasses handcrafted from bamboo and other sustainably sourced natural materials. They offer UV 400 protection they are lighter to wear and better for the planet.

Our products 

We created Bambie’s with the need to introduce to the Australian Market unique sunglasses that allows customers to know that through their purchase they are giving back to nature and helping to make a greener planet without sacrificing great design and style. 

“Travelling together we fell in love with the artisans in Asia, Africa and Nepal. The beauty of handcrafted products, the time spent lovingly creating each unique piece.

We realised there was a growing need for ethical products in Australia. We wanted to bring to the Australian market products from around the world. We choose to start our journey by bringing to you bamboo sunglasses.” 

We care about sustainability and protecting mother earth, we want to bring to our communities the knowledge on how to live a plastic-free life and to be more conscious of the products we consume.

Bill and Mia - The creators behind Bambies.