How strong are wood sunglasses?

We believe our sunglasses are comparably as strong as a plastic frame, however sunglasses are in general delicate items. Our spring hinges are fabricated into the arms of the glasses for added rigidity. Each pair is supplied with an engraved wood hard case to protect your investment.


How heavy are wood sunglasses?

Our sunglasses are lighter than you might think, they weigh roughly the same as a standard pair of mainstream plastic sunglasses. Heavy enough to sit comfortablly while being worn, light enough to have up resting in your hair or in the neck of a t-shirt.


How secure is this site?

All orders are processed securely through the integrated PayPal Web Payments service. PayPal are the largest and most trusted online payment processor in the world. We accept all major credit cards and don't keep or give out your personal details.



What are polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses reduce glare so you can see further and more clearly. They are especially recommended for reducing glare from water, snow and driving.
All of our polarised lenses are 100% UVA/UVB rated.


Can I put my prescription lenses in these wood frames?

It's very hard to find optometrists who will work with wood frames, it could be possible for replacement lenses to be fabricated into our glasses, however we do not recommend this.


How can I take care of my sunglasses?

To maintain your glasses we provide a microfibre cleaning cloth, this can be used to remove oil and dust contaminants from the wood and lenses. Wood glasses can be exposed to water, however we recommend minimising contact with water and carefully drying your sunglasses after any exposure.
To protect from damage use of the provided hard case and pouch is recommended whenever possible.


Can I buy the frames without lenses?

We regret we do not offer this option.


What warranty covers my purchase?

We offer a 90 day warranty from the date your sunglasses are shipped. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and is valid only with proof of purchase. Bamboo Eyewear reserve the right to decide whether the product is covered under the warranty terms. The warranty does not cover direct or indirect misuse or abuse.


Please note, the warranty does not cover scratched lenses. All warranty claims must be directly submitted to Bamboo Eyewear, retailers cannot provide warranty service.

For further enquiries please contact info@bambiesonline.com


Need more information?


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