Factors to Consider Before Buying Sunglasses Made from Wood

Protecting eyes from harmful rays from the sun is the main reason of wearing wooden sunglasses. Best quality sunglasses allow you to protect your eyes, all when enjoying perfect vision without glares or reflections.

The following factors will help you avoid making mistakes and to know what you should prioritize on when buying your ideal Australia wooden sunglasses online.

Wood Variation

Woods are generally different in texture, grain and color, and that is why wood is recognized as an appealing and a very unique material used in making sunglass frames. No two pairs of wooden sunglasses look alike because they are made from authentic natural wood. Each pair is one of its kind and unique. Check out our Coolangatta a cat winged sunglass with bamboo frame.


There are various types of woods that can be used when making wooden sunglasses, and each one of them is unique. The most generally used types of woods are – bamboo, rose wood, oak wood, ebony wood and maple wood among others. All these kinds of woods characterize fine and smooth texture and provide lightweight, durable and comfortable wood sunglasses.

Functionality Elements

Wooden sunglass frames are produced from natural genuine woods in their laminated, natural and then handcrafted carefully to guarantee extra durability and provide a stunning design aesthetic. The polarized lenses and the UV protection cover your eyes from the dangerous UV rays from the sun. Therefore, when you are buying a pair of Australia made wooden sunglasses, you should consider checking every functionality aspects like hinges types, protection elements and also the durability of frames the wooden sunglass is offering. Meet Rainbow our designer wood frame sunglass.

UV Protection

You should know that not every sunglass can provide 100% protection from the harmful UVB and UVA rays. When buying your wooden sunglasses, ensure that what you are looking for offers 100% protection from these harmful UV rays. If any case you doubt the sunglasses you purchased have this aspect or not, you can visit your local optometrist to check them out for you. You can rock our Lorch Ard Gorge a charming Australia made wooden sunglass.

Color of the Lens

When you are planning to wear your wooden sunglasses for several hours out exposed to sunlight, then considering the color of your sunglass lens is very important before buying. Lenses colors have different benefits and functionalities which depend on different situations. There are various colors available in the market, and each has its own advantages and specifications.

For instance, dark lenses are ideal for everyday activities in the sun. Dark shades minimize eyestrain and also cut glare in the environments with bright conditions of light. For conditions with low to moderate lighting conditions, like outdoor in the snow, you can try lenses with light tints such as orange or yellow which will offer you a quality and perfect vision. Mackay our good wood sunglass for women.


This is another important factor to consider when buying a sunglass. Polarized wood sunglasses have a better quality since they provide superior protection and even improve your vision outdoor in the sun. These lenses help in the reduction of bright reflection and glare from surfaces such as roads, windows and water among others. Polarized wooden sunglasses are very common and are very easy to find.

At Bambies, all our sunglasses are polarized. Click here to take a look at our favourite wood sunglasses.

Cleaningof the Lens

The simplest way of cleaning a sunglass is through the use of a microfiber cloth – consider buying one. It is not recommended to use facial tissues or any type of cloth when removing dust off your lenses. When using cleaning solutions or spray, avoid applying the liquid on the wooden frame. This will help in maintaining your wood sunglass frame durability and shape
At Bambies you will be offered a microfiber cloth for free when you make a purchase.

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