Tips on how to care for your Wooden Sunglasses

Tips on how to care for your Wooden Sunglasses

Recently, people are looking on how to live sustainably and are becoming cautious about their environment, be it in what they eat, wear or consume. Following the rising effects of climatic change, there have been several campaigns and movements to entirely eliminate the use of plastics. This has seen many people proactively keeping away from products made from plastic.

Are you still using plastic straws? If still, then it means that you don’t or care less about your environment and it is that perfect time youditch them. Most places are nowadays using bamboo or metal straws and have completely ditched the use of plastic straws. The use of water tumblers also have helped in the reduction of plastic water bottles. The sustainability campaign has greatly extended to fashion and cosmetic industries. Due to the growing demand, there has been a tremendous rise in the use of materials that are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.

Besides the replacement of water bottles and plastic straws for more sustainable options, many people are gradually replacing plastic sunglasses with wooden sunglasses. And this is one of the reasons why wooden sunglasses are becoming more popular. Apart from being made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, they also have a number of benefits over sunglasses made from plastic materials.

If you want your wooden sunglasses to last longer, the following tips on how to take care of them will help;

Appropriate storage.

Always remember to securely store your sunglasses in their case immediately after removing them. This will help to avoid the risk of breaking or losing them. At Bambies we offer quality and classy cases made from Bamboo, meaning that the safety of your glasses is guaranteed.These cases are not only protective but are also durable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Do not expose them to much sunlight when removed

Yes, it is true that sunglasses are supposed to cover you r eyes from the harmful rays from the sun but another reality is that the lifespan of your sunglasses will be reduced when you leave them in places that are directly exposed to sunlight. This because, when sunglasses are stored exposed to excess sunlight, the surface coating and the tint on the lenses will be damaged. The best place to store them is in their bamboo cases.

When removing or putting on sunglasses use both hands

It sounds simple but very important for the safety of your sunglasses. Many people find it normal to remove their glasses using one hand not knowing the damage it is causing on their glasses. When you often use one hand to take off your glasses, you are compromising the alignment of your glasses. Therefore, to maintain the proper alignment of your glasses and ensuring that they don’t become crooked particularly when used frequently over a long period of time, ensure you are using both hands anytime you are removing them or putting them on.

Clean them appropriately

When cleaning your wooden sunglass lenses, do not use any other cloth material apart from glasses cloth. You should also avoid rubbing your glasses against your trouser, shirt or wiping them using tissue paper to remove dirt since this might create to scratches on your lenses.

Ensure they are kept afloat

Every sunglass we offer are not waterproof but are treated as water-resistant, meaning that they are capable of withstanding small water quantities and sweat. When wood is submerged in water for a long time, it will change its color with time. And the same applies with wooden frames. Therefore, to avoid such a scenario, keep your sunglasses afloat.

Don’t just place them anywhere

When they are not using them, many people always tend to rest their sunglasses in their hair, hanging on their shirts or on their forehead without knowing the damage they are causing on their sunglasses. Over some time, these behaviors can deform the shape of your sunglasses. Therefore, glasses case is the perfect place that will maintain the original shape of your sunglasses as well as keeping them safe.

Now that you are equipped with these care tips, try to apply them and see the difference. On top of that, the good news is that all our sunglasses are coming with a FREE Bamboo Case with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Wood is known be a strong and durable material, and therefore, when properly maintained and used, your sunglasses will last for a long period of time.

Shop a pair of Bambies wooden sunglasses, and get a FREE Bamboo sunglass case.

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