Top 3 Trending Sunglasses for Women

Our handcrafted sunglasses and lenses features highest quality recycled and sustainably sourced materials for ecological fashion and unique designs.

When you are going for trendy wooden Australia sunglasses for women, you can explore our modern, vintage and sophisticated styles offering 100% UV protective and polarized lenses. Below are some of our top trending wooden sunglasses for women in the year 2021;

Dianella Sunglasses

These are elevated retro-square wood sunglasses with two-tone colored wood frame. The dark wood lifting its soft sandy grain lower frame and the three silver studs on its top canners makes it unique and more fashionable. They offer upscale contemporary and high quality sense of fashion.

Featuring dark grey polarized lenses that compliment its dark and light colors, these modern and classic shades not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun but also provide a good look over various outfits.

If you are looking for Australia sunglasses which perfectly complement your round, heart, diamond or oval face shape, you can try out our Dianella Sunglasses. They also look good on medium and small faces.

Forest Hill Sunglasses

These shades are characterized by natural elements. The thin red grain that outlines its round frame is unique and uplifting just like the Lockyer National Park near Forest Hill. Designed with Rosewood layered wood temples, they add effortlessly sophisticated and luxurious appeal to your daily style. They are lightweight hence comfortable.

Featuring grey polarized lenses, these versatile and classic Australia sunglasses will harmonize any outfit and cover your eyes from intense sunlight with style.

Forest Hill sunglasses are perfect on square, heart, rectangular, oblong and diamond face shapes. They also look good on small and medium faces.

Check out our catalogue for more information on Forest Hill when shopping Australia glasses online.

Currumbin Sunglasses

Handcrafted from Ebony wood, these sunglasses have two-tone colored wood frames. The frame combine dark wooden panel on the top and a wood grain bottom with a beach-like appeal. They provide modern styling and premium feel for fashionable and maximum protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Featuring grey polarized lenses, these charming Australia sunglasses will perfectly add high-quality and unique fashion sense to whatever you are wearing. They are light making them comfortable.

For more Australia glasses online, you can visit our online shop for a wonderful shopping experience. All our sunglasses comes with a free safekeeping bamboo case.

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