What Face Shapes Rock Cat Eye Wooden Sunglasses Glasses Best?

Are you wondering if cat eye glasses suit your face shape? Good news for those with square faces: cat eye glasses work great for you too! When it comes to eyewear, people with square faces have the opportunity to be bold and expressive by selecting frames that are rounded or oval. Square or rectangle frames may give the illusion of a boxy face, so choose a pair with rounded lenses to keep your face looking sharp and excellent.

Diamond faces can also rock cat eye glasses, but it’s important to be mindful of the size of the frames. A narrow pair is the way to go, as it will keep your facial features symmetric and centered around your nose and cheeks. Larger frames may unbalance your features.

For those with round faces, selecting the right pair of cat eye glasses may be a little more difficult, but not impossible. Round lenses are a key feature of cat eye glasses, so avoid glasses with round frames. A more narrow pair can help alleviate this issue.

And don’t forget about cat eye sunglasses! They add an extra amount of sass to any outfit and are perfect for vacations or shopping trips. Cat eye glasses and sunglasses are no longer just for those with beehive hairstyles and pencil skirts; they can be matched to any aesthetic. Choose a pair in black for a sleek and formal look, or a bright pop of color for a cute and fun outfit.

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