Which Summer Wood Sunglasses Suit the Shape of Your Face?

Which Summer Wood Sunglasses Suit the Shape of Your Face?

Summer 2020 is coming with a different new look and has significantly turned around the world of sunglasses. New styles and throwbacks are trending this year, and we embrace it! This is your perfect moment to go retro or modern and accessorize with your personal fashion touch, no matter what your outfit look.

Over the years sunglasses have not been considered much as fashion accessories, and that is not the case! Your personal fashion and personality can be judged from the choice of your sunglasses, and you better believe that!
With a lot more to expect, lets dive in and see what is currently popular and trending.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable sunglasses
  • Round glasses
  • Wooden frames
  • Lightweight wooden frames
  • Oversized sunglasses with 70’s look
  • Classic cat-eye shape
  • Flat top and thick frame sunnies

Having looked at the various types of some of the trending sunglass frames this period, let’s now find out which is the best fit for the shape of your face.

Rectangle Face Shape

To offset your face shape length, go for frames that have less width but more depth. Contrasting temples and decorative details will perfectly increase width of your face.

Square frames and wide aviator designs are your best suit! They will bring to your face the finest difference by making it look wider and shorter. And by the way who does not love having a top-notch throwback once in a while. Try out Forest Hill

Diamond Face Shape

This is one of the exceptional face shapes – it is rare! Congratulations, you are among the few! You should ensure that you are creating attention around the eye since this will provide more balance and width to the face.

You should look for more heavy styles like oval and rectangle style shapes.
Frames which are upswept will soften and emphasize your cheekbones creating a funky and funny retro feel. Cat –eye frames are ideal fit. Check out our Coolangatta

Heart Face Shape

If you have such a shape, consider yourself lucky! Many frame shapes will go well with you, but your objective is to go for frames which will not mimic your face but provide balance and contrast to it.

Frames with heavy bottoms will help in increasing width to your lower face, whereas rimless frames will provide a natural shine on your face. At times you might find it hard having this kind of face shape just because everything is looking better on it! You can take a look here

Square Face Shape

This kind of face shape combines a deep, broad forehead, square chin and a jaw line that is wide. You should seek to soften your jaw line and to lengthen your face.

Rounded frames are the perfect aid towards achieving this and at the same time working to elongate the nose. You will never go wrong with oval and round style frames perfectly designed to add length to your face. Rounded frames will also provide a 70’s classic vibe that is not only super cool to style but also enjoyable when working with. Meet Springwood

Round Face Shape

Your aim is to create angles that will balance out and compliment the roundness shape of your face. To achieve this, go for frames which have sharper edges.

Square, narrow and rectangular shapes are the best ideal companion since they will provide the illusion of an elongated face. There are several whimsical styles for you to try, there are endless options! Here is Coogie

Triangle Face Shape

Frames that are thin at the top and are thick towards the bottom are suitable for this kind of face shape; your aim is to reduce the width of your upper face.

Rimless and lighter weight frame styles as well as light colors will provide a greater look on this type of face shape. Summer is the perfect time to showcase something flashy and colorful in your eyewear, after all it is the best time of bursting out pastels! Try out Rainbow

Oval Face Shape

This is another face shape that goes well with almost every frame shape. Though, you should go for styles that are wide to contrast the broader area of your face. This will help you to keep your natural oval face shape. Since all styles are you perfectly matching the shape of your face, why don’t you try Bambies favorite collections and get the best out of your style. Go for Native Green

Now you can make an ideal choice when looking for the best sunglasses that will suit your face shape, and definitely you will never go wrong! Go for your favorite sunglass today. It is summer time! Just wait for the clouds to disappear and for the sun to come out!

Have a fabulous summer time!

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