Greenwashing: What it is and how to spot it.

‘Sustainability’ is the new buzzword of the decade and we’re surrounded by ‘green’ products everywhere we go, from grocery shops to boutique fashion brands.

As more and more companies have jumped on the bandwagon of consumer consciousness and sustainability, consumers are being bombarded with claims of ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’ products. Greenwashing is a marketing trend of making false and misleading claims that hint at conscious design of products.

It’s hard enough making conscious choices in a culture so heavily focused and reliant on consumerism but trying to navigate false sustainability claims make it even harder.

Here are Bambies, we aim to be a brand that upholds genuine sustainability and ethics. We believe in doing our part to foster community awareness on the traps of “green marketing”, so we’ve compiled a little list of greenwashing flags to watch out for and tips on being a conscious consumer.


#1 Buzzwords

‘Green’, ‘environment friendly’, ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’, ‘recyclable’.

Words we’re constantly bombarded by whether we’re shopping for groceries or for new clothes. Marketers and companies understand that consumers are becoming more aware of their purchasing choices and they know what we look for. They know that these buzzwords spark our interest.

Keep an eye out for products and brands plastered with buzzwords. Truly ethical companies don’t always centre their branding around their sustainability ethics, but companies making misleading claims will often over use buzzwords to seem ‘greener’. That being said, buzzwords aren’t automatically a red flag since many brands choose to advertise and advocate their values.

#2 Clarity and specificity

So how do we figure out who’s honest and who’s not?

Look for specificity in their statements. If they claim their products are ‘sustainable’, see if they tell you how. Find out if they tell you how they achieve their sustainability goals and uphold their ethics.

At Bambies we pride ourselves on our mission. We love sharing our story, from talking about our origins, our brand vision and how our products align with our goals. Head to our ABOUT page to have a read!


#3 Brand values

One good way to evaluate what you’re buying is looking at who you’re buying it from. A lot of big brands have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon and put out greenwashed lines of products that target ethical consumers whilst not actually adhering to sustainability ethics.

Finding out more about the brand you’re buying from can give you a lot of information about their values and the depth of integration of their values.

Our brand at Bambies started off as a solution to a problem when Bill saw a gap in the market where good quality, timeless, designer sunnies weren’t meeting their sustainability potential. Our values are ingrained through the entire brand, from design to construction to our material choices.



#4 Product characteristics

One way to avoid greenwashed products that make false or misleading statements about their products is to actually take the time to look at their product.

A starting point is to look at the materials used and how they’re sourced.

Quality is also a big indicator, as true sustainable brands will work to ensure the sustainability of their product by ensuring they’re well made and well thought out.

Packaging can also play a role in sustainability of a product. A biodegradable or recyclable product might have unnecessary layers of plastics in their packaging which might contribute as much plastic as an alternative product.



#5 Consumerism culture

This last point refers to a general evaluation of a brand and its products overall. Greenwashed brands will often push for consumers to consume more as their primary goal is to generate sales. This focus on consumerism is often driven through cheaply made products that require people to re-purchase the product after use. Consumerism culture is also generated through largely focusing on the money you save (through sales or lower prices) rather than focusing on the value of the product.

Bambies is proudly Australian owned and our eco-friendly wooden sunglasses are handmade. We believe in quality and take pride in offering you designer sunnies that are timeless and made to last!


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