Eco ~ Glasses

Our Rx Designed Eco Glasses collection combines style and sustainability with advanced functionality. Each pair comes standard with blue light filtering lenses, perfect for reducing eye strain from digital screens. Designed for easy prescription lens replacement, these glasses feature an invisible cut and integrated screw, ensuring a seamless look and effortless maintenance.


Bambies eco glasses collection 

Our Rx Designed Eco Glasses collection comes standard with blue light filtering lenses. Our eco glasses are designed with an invisible cut and integrated screw for easy prescription lens replacement. 

Imagine a world without glasses. A place where you can see perfectly and nothing is hidden from your view! 

We're not there yet though; we need some help with that last bit of distance until we get to eyesight paradise- at least if it were possible for us humans (and even then...). But luckily our new Rx Designed eco glasses frames collection walks right up next door into this amazing utopia by offering blue light filtering lenses packed full of features like an invisible cut + screw design which make these shades super easy to wear every day no matter the occasion or environment. 

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Additionally, if you require eco-friendly reading glasses, the rims can be easily loosened using a small screw for easy replacement of lenses, meaning you can pop your prescription lens in easily. 

If you’re looking to buy wood glasses that look great and are sustainable, you are in the right place!

Why bambies eco glasses? 

What do you get when a nature lover and designer start incorporating sustainable materials into their work? Bambies eco glasses frames! Each eco glasses frame is crafted from natural, eco-friendly sources with love. Bambies not only care about how great the eco glasses look but also that they're durable enough for all types of activities or environments - making them perfect whether you're active at play or just lounging around on lazy days.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality wooden eco glasses eyewear at an affordable price without compromising on the environment. At Bambies we believe that you should never have to compromise between style and comfort when buying a pair of glasses.

Our handmade wooden eco glasses are designed with function in mind while also being beautiful works of art. Wood is an amazing material - it's light yet durable, flexible but sturdy enough for everyday eyewear! 

Our wooden glasses frames online collection includes

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If you want to find eco glasses and frames that are stylish and affordable, look no further than Bambies. We offer wooden eco glasses without compromising on quality or comfort!

Eco glasses shipping

We work hard at making sure your new glasses are delivered right the first time! We deliver our eco glasses all over Australia and worldwide. We've teamed up with AusPost to handle all of our eco glasses shipping needs. This will allow a seamless shipping experience from the moment you pay for your wooden eyewear order right up until it arrives on your doorstep. For all eco glasses orders over $30, we provide free standard and express shipping. For all international eco glasses orders we offer shipping at a flat rate of $10 for all orders over $80. If you have any questions about our eco glasses delivery service, get in touch with the timber glasses frames team, we are always happy to help with any eco glasses enquiries.