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Bambies high-quality eco-friendly eyewear are handcrafted with sustainably sourced natural materials. Our environmentally-friendly lenses are made from plant based cellulose and have UV400 protection or blue light blocking properties. 

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All wooden sunglasses

Explore our collection of wooden sunglasses, crafted from the most eco-friendly and sustainable FSC wood. Experience maximum comfort with extremely lightweight frames, polarized and UV400 lenses for eye protection, and quality spring-loaded hinges to fit all sizes. Each pair features unique timber grain, ensuring a distinctive look.

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Eco | Sunglasses

Our bamboo sunglasses are unbelievably comfortable⁠, durable, and made from sustainable materials. We have a range of different unique look⁠s in all shapes and designs⁠.


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Eco ~ Glasses

Our Rx Designed Eco Glasses collection combines style and sustainability with advanced functionality. Each pair comes standard with blue light filtering lenses, perfect for reducing eye strain from digital screens. Designed for easy prescription lens replacement, these glasses feature an invisible cut and integrated screw, ensuring a seamless look and effortless maintenance.

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Eco ~ Wooden Watches

Elevate your style with Bambies' latest collection of eco wooden watches. Crafted from sustainable materials, our timeless designs embody elegance and sustainability. Perfect for both men and women, these watches make impeccable gifts for any special occasion.

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FLORA Collection

Bloom into summer with Bambies’ newest wooden sunglasses collection, FLORA. Introducing a kaleidoscope of wooden sunglasses designs that pay homage to iconic Australian native botanicals, we’ve reimagined sunglasses to create a collection that honours both the planet and our people.

Much like their namesakes, each FLORA wooden frame sunnies is a representation of nature's wonder. From Lillium to Desert Flame, our sustainable bamboo sunglasses were inspired by the robust beauty of our favourite plants. They’re durable, timeless, and designed to protect you from dawn ’til dusk. Your Bambies frames are made from 100% FCS certified wood, the lenses crafted from strikingly clear plant-powered cellulose.= Throw shade the sustainable way this summer, only in Bambies.

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Our Favourites

Discover our favorites collection at Bambies, featuring trendy and stylish eco-friendly wooden sunglasses. Perfect for sunny days, these sunglasses are crafted from sustainable FSC-certified wood, making a positive impact on the environment. Shop our sunglasses store for unique, high-quality designs that blend fashion with sustainability. Enjoy the sun responsibly with Bambies' wooden sunglasses.

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Bambies wood frame glasses collections

The planet and design are top priority for Bambies. We craft our wood frame glasses with the highest quality materials, so you can wear your wood frame glasses while protecting your eyes from UV rays or blue light exposure!

Who doesn't love a light, stylish frame? The bamboo that makes up the material of our wood frame glasses are durable and eco-friendly. Our wood frame glasses come in different colours so you can find one to match any style or hue!

Many people will definitely agree that, apart from looking good and functioning well in your day-to-day life, the perfect glasses should also be durable. The key here is finding the right material for making sunglass frames: wood beats out metal or plastic by far!

Why Bambies wood frame glasses?

What do you get when a nature lover and designer start incorporating sustainable materials into their work? Bambies wood frame glasses!

The company not only cares about how great the wood frame glasses look but also that they're durable enough for all types of activities or environments - making our wood frame glasses perfect whether you need a pair to wear while watching TV in front of your computer screen, out on an adventure where durability will be important (like mountain climbing), or even just living life as usual with some fashionable sunnies.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality wood frame glasses at an affordable price without compromising on the environment. At Bambies we believe that you should never have to compromise between style and comfort when buying a pair of glasses.

Our wood frame glasses are designed with function in mind while also being beautiful works of art. Wood is an amazing material - it's light yet durable, flexible but sturdy enough for everyday wear!

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If you want to find wood frame glasses that are stylish and affordable, look no further than Bambies. We provide wood frame glasses without compromising on quality or comfort!

Wood frame glasses shipping

We work hard at making sure your new wood frame glasses are delivered right the first time! We deliver our wood frame glasses all over Australia and worldwide. We've teamed up with AusPost to handle all of our shipping needs. This will allow a seamless shipping experience from the moment you pay for your wood frame glasses order right up until it arrives on your doorstep. For all wood frame glasses orders over $30, we provide free standard and express shipping. For all international wood frame glasses orders we offer shipping at a flat rate of $10 for all orders over $80. If you have any questions about our wood frame glasses delivery service, get in touch with the team, we are always happy to help with any wood frame glasses questions.