Two-Tone Wooden Sunglasses: The Modern Eyewear Trend

Lately, sunglasses are designed in different shapes, colors and styles. With a retro fashion inspiration, two-tone wood sunglasses are back with glam and are taking over various fashion runways globally.

Reminiscent of an expressive and bold style, this eyewear collection is timeless, classic and chick – they are perfectly designed to suit all ages. These all wood sunglasses feature gradient lenses or two-tone colored frames. Their traditional tone was black and brown which has been lately modified to accommodate various vibrant colors like blue, purple, yellow and green among others.

Finding the perfect color that matches your complexion might become challenging, discussed below are some of the trending two-tone wood sunglasses and recommendations on how to make the correct choice for the colors and sunglasses matching your skin tone.

Two-Tone Amber-Colored Wood Sunglasses

These are one of the top trending sunglass styles available today in the eyewear market. Amber sunglasses with two tones not only add to your daily fashion a trendy touch, they also complement your natural complexion.

The rich and stunning amber color matches almost any skin tone, but it provides an extra flattering look on ashy skins by increasing some warmth.

There are many two-tone amber sunglasses available in the modern market. The top trending style being wood sunglasses frames with tortoise shell colors. Bright tortoise-shell colored sunglasses are the best accessories for bold and fashionable look. You can try our Bays of Fire, Australia made sunglasses designed with bamboo frames, these sophisticated eco-friendly sunglasses compliment any outfit.

Brown Colored Two-Tone Sunglasses

Almost everyone will look great on these style of sunglasses. The earthy-brown color is designed to match any complexion, darker or lighter skin and naturally compliment a variety of attires. Brown gradient lenses provide a wonderful vision through them. A part from eye protection from harmful rays from the sun, they also make colors more contrasted and vibrant. They also make images brighter.

Our Coolangatta cat-eye sunglasses with brown two-tone polarized lenses look chick on any complexion and are perfect accessory to match with any outfit.

Grey Two-Tone Wood Sunglasses

Their popularity comes with their unique style and versatility. They provide the throwback fashion touch being one of the classic eyewear from the past decades. They feature grey gradient lenses that are beautifully contrasted on dark frames allowing for more sophisticated and fashionable touch.

Check out for our Mackay best Australia sunglass equipped with grey two-tone polarized lenses for a retro vogue and chic look. They also fit almost every face shape.

Two-tone wood sunglasses are good fashion accessory uniquely designed to achieving expressive and bold style. From corporate to casual to cocktail dress, this eyewear collection is ideal and perfect for any event.

We offer a wide range of good quality, polarized, high-end, 100% UV protection and discount sunglasses in Australia.

If you are not yet having a pair of two tone wooden sunglasses, don’t wait longer! Visit our Bambies online shop and grab an ecofriendly pair of two tone wood sunglasses.



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