Wooden Sunglasses FAQ

Plastics and metals have been the commonly used materials to make sunglasses, but due to environmental concerns, many sunglasses brands are shifting to environmentally sustainable materials, and wood is the new alternative material hugely used.

Sunglasses made from wood are light, eco-friendly, and durable.

The idea of making sunglasses frames from wood is new, and therefore, there are many misconceptions and questions out there. To make you understand well some benefits associated with wood when used on sunglasses, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions below.

Question: Are Wood Sunglasses heavy?

It is always known that wood is a hefty material, and many people think that sunglasses made from wood can be uncomfortable and heavy on their faces.
You will surprisingly be happy to realize that our designs of wooden sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable. The specific wood varieties we use on our sunglasses frames are attractive and lightweight.

Wooden sunglasses are not stunningly heavier than metallic or plastic sunglasses.

Question: Are Sunglasses with Wooden Frames Durable?

Sunglasses should be resilient enough to withstand everyday life rigor. Your sunglasses should not break or get damaged when they fall or drop.
Wood is a naturally durable material. Unlike metal, wood is not prone to bending and when exposed to the elements, wood doesn’t become weak like plastic.

While sunglasses made from metal or plastic can get worn-out after some time, the feel and look of wood can eventually improve with time.
When exposed to various elements, wood doesn’t lose any of its natural durability. Wood also develops a lovely layer with time.

Wood is known to be a strong and durable material, and therefore, when properly maintained and used, your sunglasses will last for a long period.

Question: Are Sunglasses Environmentally Sustainable?

Not every wood is eco-friendly or sustainable, but all woods used at Bambies are. All the materials used in making our sunglasses are natural and sustainably sourced. Our eyewear collections are made from sustainable wood approved by FSC making them genuine and eco-friendly.

Question: How do I Care for My Wood Sunglasses?

Wooden sunglasses can take care of themselves. As stated earlier, wood can develop an additional layer with time which eventually enhances the look of the frames. Regular oiling can also benefit some wooden sunglasses. We also provide easy and simple to follow instructions at our shop. You can also check for our blog on Tips on how to care for your Wooden Sunglasses here.

Question: Are Wooden Sunglasses Stylish?

If your concern is about style, then you can check out our catalog for yourself and find out all the stunning designs available.

Our wooden sunglasses come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. We offer a wide range of sunglasses that can suit any preference, outfit, or style.

Question: What is the Best Type of Wooden Sunglasses?

Sunglasses with lenses that provide 100% UV protection are considered the best because they fully protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun.

All our sunglasses at Bambies have 100% UV protection lenses.

If you want to know how great sunglasses with wooden frames are, you can get a pair and try them out.

You can visit our online shop for a stunning collection of sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural sunglasses with wooden frames and find a model suiting your style however unique it is.



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