10 Beaches Bambies Wooden Sunglasses Will Prepare You For All Year Round

#10 Currumbin

One of Gold Coast's many gems, Currumbin beach is known for its crystal clear water and glassy surf. Currumbin is compact and picturesque and harks back to beach life in a simpler, more - relaxed time. 

Our Currumbin wooden sunglasses feature wooden split-tone frames to pay homage to the classic longboards of Currumbin. The frames have dark wood panel top and a beachy wood grain bottom. The Currumbin’s colour divide is complemented by grey polarised lenses and is balanced by the flow of round frames, suiting all faces.


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#9 Coogee

Located on Sydney’s celebrated coastal walkway lies Bondi’s sophisticated sister, Coogee Beach. With an assortment of charming restaurants, including the popular Coogee Pavilion, this beach is a hidden gem that must be explored. Coogee Beach is the ideal swimming spot for families as it is sheltered by the famous Wedding Cake Island.

Much like Coogee beach, The Coogee bamboo sunglasses is laidback and refined. The wood of the frames are light and sandy like the shores of Coogee Beach. The style is easygoing and atmospheric. Its dark wood lining defines its rounded shape, giving it an edge. The Coogee has slightly rounded square frames and grey polarised lenses. This style particularly compliments oval and square face shapes and more.

cogee wooden sunglasses

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#8 Rainbow

Rainbow beach is an aquatic lovers playground renowned for its adventurous natural experiences and colourful sand cliffs. The minerals in the surrounding rock create a colourful ripple effect in the beachside cliffs making it worth the visit.

The Rainbow sunglasses reflect this wonder through its multi-coloured wooden frames, embracing life in all its uniqueness and colour. Its classic square shape lets the colours do the talking. The Rainbow has rounded box edges and polarised amber frames, best suited to round and oval-shaped faces

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#7 Coolangatta

Coolangatta beach oozes a laid-back atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of Surfers Paradise which can be glimpsed across the waves. The perfect location for sunset lovers and a relaxed holiday, you’ll never want to leave. Picture eating chips and ice cream by the sea on a calm, balmy summer's afternoon.

Much like the cruisy shores of Coolangatta, The Coolangatta incorporates sandy coloured frames, giving it an effortless edge. Its sultry flick of wooden cat-eye winks at a timeless classic. The Coolangatta has cat-eye shaped frames with polarised amber lenses, smoothing out the cheekbone and jaw angles. This design pops oval, square, triangle or heart-shaped faces and more.

Coolangatta wooden sunglasses

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#6 Whitehaven

A holiday to the Great Barrier Reef would be incomplete without a visit to the tropical wonder that is Whitehaven Beach. With breathtaking views, clear turquoise water and pristine white sand, you will soon understand the true meaning of ‘paradise’. Whitehaven Beach also possesses a unique indigenous history and an array of vibrant flora and fauna.

The Whitehaven sunglasses frames are defined and clean, encompassing the pristine shore of Whitehaven Beach. The Whitehaven is understated yet sharp. It speaks to the philosophy that less is more. The Whitehaven has square dark wood frames and grey polarised lenses. They flatter all face shapes.

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#5 Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba Beach boasts wide, white sandy beaches, great for swimming and body surfing. The atmosphere is a blend of casual and stylish with a laid-back, cool attitude. Running in parallel with the beachfront you will find a range of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants.

The Mooloolaba wooden sunglasses are the perfect fit for this beach. So why not sit back, drink a beer in style with these all new eco-elegant Bambies sunnies. Feel fabulous in these lightweight, sophisticated frames without breaking the bank! 

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#4 Suffolk

Suffolk Park is home to the one of the most photographed beaches on the East-coast, Tallow Beach. Accessible via small car parks and pathways, this virtually secluded beach offers uninterrupted views of both the Byron lighthouse to the north and Broken Head to the south.

Our Suffolk wooden sunglasses relate to Suffolk’s down to earth, peaceful energy. Tanned on the outside and sunny on the inside, this easy-going style is simple but beautiful (much like the beaches on the outskirts of towns). The Suffolk’s square frames and amber polarised lenses are good for square, round and heart face shapes and more. 

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#3 Byron Bay

Known as one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Byron Bay Main Beach is an experience in itself. From clean, right-hand breaks at The Pass to bohemian, funky shopping vibes in town, you’ll never have a dull day. Byron Bay is also known for its vibrant, diverse community and gorgeous sunsets.

To encapsulate Byron Bay, the Byron Bay sunglasses are playful, quirky and water ready. This is shown in their square blue wooden frames with pink and yellow edging.

The Byron Bay wooden sunglasses has rounded square frames with grey polarised lenses. They compliment heart, oval, square and round face shapes. But don’t let us tell you what to do. Like every wooden grain and like every journey, every face is unique. And no one knows you better than you. 

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#2 Coral

Coral Bay is a hidden oasis bursting with marine life including dolphins, manta rays and a large variety of fish. The name Coral Bay originated from its gorgeous coral gardens which lie just steps away from the pristine white beach. This small, relaxed seaside location is a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

The Coral Sunglasses are a rounded take on the timeless aviator style, vamped up with wooden grain, double bridge and enhanced brow bar. It is rocked in all ways, but particularly suits loose shirts and windswept hair to match the Coral Bay vibes. The Coral frames are tanned and have amber polarised lenses which suit most face shapes.

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#1 Mackay

Mackay has an abundance of tropical shoreline stretching kilometres long. This Northern Queensland haven alternatively offers you an escape to serenity, or an adventure packed holiday. It's your choice and either way, is the perfect reset to your week.  

The Mackay wooden sunglasses reflect the dark rocks and sandy yellow shore of Keswick Island’s coast, north of Mackay, through its two-tone frame. The Mackay has a square frame and grey polarised lenses. They suit round, heart-shaped and square-shaped faces and more. 

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