Best Australian Wooden Sunglasses

Australia is known for its sunny beaches and laid-back lifestyle. What better way to protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays than with a pair of stylish wooden sunglasses? Here are some of the best Australian wooden sunglasses that you need to add to your collection.


The Currumbin wooden sunglasses have split-tone frames that pay homage to the classic longboards of Currumbin. The top panel of the frame is made of dark wood, while the bottom is designed with a beachy wood grain. The frames are complemented by grey polarized lenses, and the round split sunglasses suit all face shapes. These sunglasses are perfect for a casual day at the beach or a relaxed summer brunch. Check out the round split sunglasses from Bambies Online.


If you're looking for a pair of bold wooden sunglasses that channel the 80s, then the Dahlia is for you. These sunglasses are a revision on the classic aviator silhouette and are carefully constructed from ethically sourced wood. The frames are finished off with a dark lens made from plant-based cellulose, making them both durable and sustainable. The teardrop shape of these unique sunglasses is more square than round and highlights your best features. Both men and women love these sunglasses, which suit most face shapes. Check out the summer collection 7 from Bambies Online.


The Mackay wooden sunglasses have a two-tone frame that reflects the dark rocks and sandy yellow shore of Keswick Island's coast, north of Mackay. These square frame sunglasses have grey polarized lenses and suit round, heart-shaped, and square-shaped faces. The laid-back design of these sunglasses is perfect for a day out with friends or a lazy Sunday brunch. Check out the two-tone frames from Bambies Online.

Desert Flame

The Desert Flame wooden sunglasses are a bold remix on a classic vintage shape. The contrasting wooden grains give an earthy pop, and the durable timber construction makes these Australian-made sunglasses always up for a bit of rough and tumble. These sunglasses feature eco-friendly and high-clarity cellulose lenses and signature metal detailing. This timeless design flatters most face shapes. Check out the summer collection 11 from Bambies Online.


The Colac wooden sunglasses are understated and striking, with a wider square frame and grey polarized lenses that suit round, heart-shaped, and square-shaped faces. These black square frame sunglasses are sleek like the waters of Lake Colac, simple yet profound. The minimalistic design of these sunglasses is perfect for those who want to make a statement without being too loud. Check out the square black sunglasses from Bambies Online.


The Suffolk wooden sunglasses are down-to-earth, tanned on the outside and sunny on the inside. These easy-going square grey lens sunglasses have a simple beauty, like beaches on the outskirts of towns. The square frames and grey polarized lenses are good for square, round, and heart face shapes. These sunglasses are perfect for those who want to keep it simple and classic. Check out the [square amber lens sunglasses](

Blue Flax

For the sunseeker, BLUE FLAX pays homage to our favourite summer blues - from blooming native flowers to the glittering Pacific Ocean. These eco-friendly sunglasses will bring out the boldest and brightest parts of you with a split-tone design and contrasting wood and cellulose arms.

BLUE FLAX are uniquely crafted from durable laminated wood that showcases our signature plant-based lenses. They’re earth-friendly, sun-friendly and someone just pushed me in the pool fully clothed-friendly. With a unique and stylish design, the Blue Flax is a perfect choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

All of these wooden sunglasses from Bambies Online are a perfect combination of style and sustainability. They are handmade with the finest quality materials, including durable wood and plant-based lenses, to ensure that they last for years to come. Whether you prefer a classic av

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