Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts for 2020

Eco-friendly gifts for Christmas 2020

Christmas is a distinct period of the year mostly anticipated by many people around the world. Why? Because of the unique features that makes it different from any other period of the year. We can say that it smells differently.

It is not only the period of receiving and giving gifts, but also that time of sharing with friends and family.

Think of a package with a card bearing your name but can only be opened on Christmas day; obviously it is normal that your emotions will definitely change at this moment.

Yes! It is true; at times joy and expectation can end up becoming disappointment. Looking at the package before opening it, you will notice that everything is not right.

But, giving it that blind eye, you will remove its covers and eventually open it, all to find out that what is inside the package is a set of underwear or pair of socks. Were you expecting that?

That’s the time when you start absorbing that feeling of disappointment.

Is your day ruined? Come on cheer up! It is Christmas day!

To completely avoid such happening to you and those you are sending gifts, we are giving you a number of suggestions that will cheer you and your loved ones up making Christmas a wonderful day full of joy and happiness.

The best part: the ultimate score of presents does not necessarily mean that you spend big. Most of the products on this list are affordable, enabling you to save on your budget. Use your savings to spoil yourself or donate towards a worthy course if you can. After all it is a time of giving.

Enjoy this season knowing that everybody on your Christmas list is covered with this ultimate list of gifts. Santa is here!!

Gloriosa Lily

Unbeatable in quality, style and durability, Gloriosa Lily sunnies combine high quality polarized lenses and wayfarer style frames that provide maximum eye protection from excess sunlight.

They are designed with acetate tips and quality wood temples for a fine retro twist, this not only make them comfortable but also luxurious and feminine.

Featuring dark brown lenses, these classy lightweight sunglasses with a sophisticated contemporary touch will add style and character on any sunny day.


Other features include;

  • They are made from sustainable wood approved by FSC hence they are eco-friendly and genuine.
  • Designed with spring-loaded hinges making it possible to accommodate all sizes.
  • Has quality lenses made from biodegradable plant cellulose using up to date optical technology.
  • Made from different pieces of wood making each model distinct.
  • Made from laminated wood, these sunnies are durable.


These charming cat-eye frames crafted from smooth temples of Bamboo brings their modern and vogue fashion appeal.

With dark brown lenses, these classy winged sunglasses can fit on any face shape and will protect your eye from intense sunlight with a refined style.

Optimized with UV400 and polarized lenses to enhance contrast and prevent reflective glare, creating comfort and finer visual clarity.

Coolangatta are intended for females with heart-shaped or square faces. The frame is uniquely handcrafted to create smoothness on jaw angles and cheekbone.


Each pair is made from unique timer grain making them different.

They are made from sustainable woods from approved sources. The lenses are also made from biodegradable cellulose through the latest optical technology.
They are light weight making them comfortable to wear.


These retro-square sunnies combine brown coloured wooden frame and polarized lenses with fashionable contemporary appeal and high quality experience.

With dark grey lenses, these modern and classic sunglasses provides good look on any outfit giving all the needed coverage from harmful rays from the sun.

Their polarized lenses are optimised to enhance contrast and get rid of reflective glare, delivering comfort and better visual clarity.

They are handcrafted from sustainable laminated wood approved by Forest Stewardship Council, making them genuine, durable and eco-friendly.
Designed with rounded box edges, this classic style is suitable for oval and round faces.

They are optimized with polarized and UV400 lenses with high clarity enabling them to provide maximum protection and quality visual clarity.

They are made from different timber grains making them non-identical and unique.

Mountain Ash

These wayfarer sunnies designed with comfortable wood temples provide a unique and upscale appeal to a contemporary and a classic look.

These sunglasses create a cool and calm surrounding which will make you wear them anywhere. And whoever having them will look more different and elegantly original.

Why Mountain Ash?

  • They can be comfortably carried away since they are light weight
  • They are made from sustainable wood from Forest Stewardship Council approved sources, making them genuine and environmental friendly.
  • They are mounted with polarize lenses made from biodegradable cellulose with up to date optical technology.
  • Has quality hinges which are spring-loaded hence accommodating all sizes.
  • Each model is made from unique timber grain making them different from each other.
  • Mount polarized and UV400 lenses for maximum protection.


If you love round glasses, Tikehau is for you.

They combine unique round wooden frames and brown colored lenses.

If not love, let us find out why these sunnies are lately on high demand.

They create-soft face appearance. This simply means, they create that kinder look in you. And this is important towards generating and opening of new doors for better relationship. Nobody will trust you or easily relate to you if your expressions are rigid.

Provide good looks on everyone. This is not a bluff. Tikehau sunglasses have been proven to fit almost everyone, you will always be right to wear this model any time.

They are suitable for triangular face. Faces with such features more often balance with round glasses. This is something that doesn’t happen in the same way with people having square faces.

For its finish, every sunglass is different from each other because they are made from different pieces of wood.

Other features include;

  • They are durable since they are handcrafted from laminated wood
  • Are environmental friendly because they are made from sustainable wood from approve sources.
  • Provides maximum protection with polarized and UV400 lenses made with the latest optical technology.
  • They are comfortable since they have light weight frames.

All our sunglasses come in a FREE Unique Recycled Bamboo Case that is homemade, which is perceived and felt by the looks of their care details.

For more varieties of our unique and quality eco-friendly Wooden Sunglasses, you can click here to get your favourite.

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