How to Free Yourself from Sore Eyes

Frequently people experience the problem of sore eyes because of diabetes, computer use, air pollutants, age or allergies. The common cause of sore eyes is a dry eye which is also as a result of the above factors. Using lubricating eye drops or artificial tears is the ideal way to treating these signs of sore eyes.

Taking care of your eyes will make you feel fresh and wake up every day fresh ready for work. Due to different lifestyles or jobs, it is sometimes not easy to remember. However, sore eyes can ruin your day or make you feel wretched.

What are Sore Eyes?

Also known as dry eyes syndrome, a sore eye is a condition that arises when the eyes fails to produce enough tears to maintain them wet.

It is essential to know how to relieve the pain coming from this condition of sore eyes because people tend to experience it at different times and due to different causes.

What are the Signs of Sore Eyes?

It can be very uncomfortable when your eyes are feeling itchy, irritating or burning. Blurred vision and redness of the eyes may also be some symptoms of sore eyes. It is important to visit your eye doctor in cases where these symptoms are persisting to get appropriate advice and prescription that will help you to relive the distress. 

What are the Causes of Sore Eyes?

There are several factors that can lead to dry eyes syndrome. The following are some common reasons;

Blepharitis; this is a condition that causes frequent inflammation on the eyelids. Its symptoms are itchy or irritated eyelids.

Dry eye; It is also called karatoconjuctivities sicca. It is a condition arising when the eyes fails to produce enough tears to keep them wet. Symptoms are redness, blurred vision, irritation, discharge, and easily exhausted eyes. These can sometimes range from occasional and mild to continuous and severe.

Stye; this condition arises when eyelids are experience bacterial infection and there is formation of red bumps on eyelid’s edge. They are sometimes painful even though they are harmless.

Some other causes are contact lenses, allergies, eye strain, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and eye injuries.

Treatment of Sore Eyes

There are several ways of treating sore eyes. Stated below are some ways;

  • Artificial tears and eye drops
  • Eyelid scrubs and cold compress
  • Wearing computer or blue light glasses
  • Eye massage and removing eye makeup
  • Antihistamines
  • Warm and cold compress

But remember to visit your eye doctor in cases of viral infections or when the symptoms persist.

Prevention of Sore Eyes

You can prevent dry eyes syndrome be reducing the amount of time spent on computers and cell phones, consider limiting yourself by having regular breaks when using such screens.

You can also get a pair of Bambies polarized sunglasses or blue light sunglasses to enable you spend a lot of time behind the screens.


Always remember to contact or visit your eye doctor when the symptoms of sore eyes persist or become severe. Your doctor can swiftly diagnose what is leading to the condition, and effectively prescribe an appropriate treatment.

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