Bamboo Sunglasses: More than Just a Trend

You have lately noticed many people wearing sunglasses made from bamboo? Yes! Bamboo sunglasses have been trending for a while, but are they here to stay or just a simply passing trend?

If you have tried for yourself a pair of sunglasses made from bamboo, then you undeniably understand everything about the hype. For many good reasons, bamboo is now a popular material in the eyewear industry, and it's here to stay.

Do you already have a pair? If you haven’t, this is why you should;

They are Unbelievably Comfortable

Naturally, Bamboo is lightweight compared to any type of wood. It has an extremely smooth and fine texture. Bamboo feels good to touch.

Considering these properties, bamboo sunglasses unbeatable comfort more than plastic and metal, and even various wood types.

They Offer a Unique and Amazing Look

Sunglasses made from Bamboo are versatile and stylish accessories that fit any look – casual or classic. With its soft uniform texture and pale color, Bamboo is very distinctive and appealing.

Each piece of Bamboo has an exceptional grain and pattern, making every pair of sunglasses made from Bamboo unique. Trees are different. Each has a different look, story, and charm. Different story deep-seated within its bark and timber. Each pair from Bambie's sunglasses is as distinct as the trees of their origin.

They are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Materials like plastic and acetate are used to make sunglasses at times, but they are products of crude oil. Even though we can’t avoid them, we can reduce their use. The whole wooden frame is made from natural wood, or maybe their temples. Each piece of our wood is handcrafted and sustainably sourced. Bamboo frame sunglasses are practical, environmentally friendly, stylish, and non-toxic, making them the ideal piece to cover your eyes and at the same time match your look with stability and fashion.

The processing and production of sunglasses made from bamboo have a minimal environmental impact. Less energy is required compared to the production of sunglasses made from acetate, plastic, steel, or other materials.

Bamboo is biodegradable and recyclable; therefore, when you are done with your sunglasses, they can be used to make new pair of wooden sunglasses unlike plastics

When you choose sunglasses with bamboo frames, you are in the right direction and conscious enough towards the safety of the environment.

Bamboo Sunglasses Are Exceptionally Durable

Bamboo frame sunglasses can be used for a long period without losing quality and degrading, and this makes it ideal to be used daily without the problem of wear-and-tear. With its durability, bamboo is also resistant to water, pollution, corrosion, and heat.

When going for durability and sunglasses with the highest resistance, then go for wood sunglasses with Bamboo frames. Bamboo is very strong and has a tensile strength greater than steel.

Come in All Shapes and Designs

Besides being sustainable and eco-friendly material, bamboo is also useful and has various other benefits. Bamboo is an exceptional material helping in the reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere hence tackling climate change.

Bamboo can be easily wrought into different designs and shapes. It is a beautiful finishing material on sunglasses creating various designs and charming colors.

Sunglasses come in different shapes and designs like – Cat-eye, Shield, Round, Bowline, Wayfarers, Aviators, etc. You can go for whatever style of your choice.

With all these and other amazing benefits, Bamboo sunglasses are becoming popular and have seen a rise in demand. We can say that sunglasses made from Bamboo are here to stay.

Due to environmental concerns, many sunglasses brands are shifting to environmentally sustainable materials, and wood is the new alternative material hugely used. Sunglasses made from wood are light, eco-friendly, and durable.

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Check out this insightful video to discover why our sunglasses are garnering rave reviews for their eco-friendly materials, stylish design, and exceptional performance.

Watch the Bambies Wooden Sunglasses Review!

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