Save the Environment with Our Eco-friendly Sunglasses

Plastics are highly toxic and dangerous compounds that can be exposed to the environment. Consciousness about plastic killing various animal species, harming our daily life quality, destroying land, and choking our waters is daily spreading. In this day and age, it is our moral responsibility to look after the safety of our environment.

This does not mean we take extraordinary actions to achieve that. The slight lifestyle changes we make will offer zero inconveniences, but they will contribute to the protection of our environment. 

Globally, industries are shifting to sustainable development and are developing environmentally friendly products. Sunglasses are among such products that many people didn’t know could be made from eco-friendly materials.

Bambies is one of the Australian fashion brands that is looking forward to making your lifestyle sustainable and healthy by offering eco-friendly sunglasses. Below are some of the features of Bambies’ sunnies:

Organic and Natural Materials – we replace plastic with acetate which is a plant-based chemical. We also use bamboo and cotton. During the process of producing our frames, these elements are combined with recycled wood. All these components are decomposable making our sunglasses completely environment-friendly.

Instant Trendy Look – fashion style of your glasses is not affected when these natural components are used when manufacturing sunglasses; rather, the style quotient is enhanced. The lustrous feature of acetate offers the product a fresh shine. The sunglasses look elegant, which brings an alluring yet sophisticated look to whatever you are wearing.

High-End Quality – Bambies prioritizes the quality of its product, meaning that the organic materials that are used on our sunglasses are of the best quality making them durable. The resilience of our sunglasses does not make them a problem to wear, since they are light-weight and offer a comfortable feeling to wear.

Various Shapes and Styles – at Bambies, there is a myriad of sunglasses with different shapes and styles to select. Every sunglass has a unique style making them different from each other.

As a fashion brand, we strive to give the best eco-friendly eyewear collections. We aim to spread consciousness about the unbecoming environment and encourage a sustainable way of life. Our cases are also eco-friendly and come free when you buy a pair of our sunglasses.

You can surf our online shop today and get yourself an ecological pair of quality sunglasses.



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