Six reasons why you should shop wooden sunglasses

Six reasons why you should shop wooden sunglasses?

During summertime, sunglasses are considered as classic accessories! They are not only essential to cover your eyes from harmful rays from the sun, but they are also perfect to improve your style and harmonize your outfit.

Sunglasses are designed in various different colors, shape and styles. They can as well be made from a wide range of materials like plastic, metal, wood, acetate and many more. Nonetheless, there is a special material that we highly recommend and love for a number of reasons, and these are sunglasses made from wood. Like our Coolangatta

At Bambies, we prefer having all our sunglasses handcrafted from sustainable and naturally sourced wood.

Why then would you prefer wooden sunglasses?

You may question….

Besides being sustainable and eco-friendly material, wood is also useful and has various other benefits which are shared here.

These sunglasses are practical, environmentally friendly, stylish and non-toxic, making them the ideal piece to cover your eyes and at the same time match your look with stability and fashion.

Let’s get to the point, below are some benefits of our wooden sunglasses:

They are durable

This is one of the reasons why you should have a pair of such sunglasses. Wood can be used for a long period without losing quality and degrading, and this makes it ideal to be used daily without the problem of wear-and-tear. With its durability, wood is resistant to water, pollution, corrosion and heat.

Most reputable brands are selling sunglasses made from the best quality wood because they are super strong and durable. The additional coating on wooden sunglasses allows them to maintain their appearance over a long period as well as ensuring their durability.

When going for durability and sunglasses with highest resistance, then go for wood sunglasses made from Bamboo. Bamboo is very strong and has a tensile strength grater that that of steel.

Besides being durable, wood also requires minimal maintenance. Check out our Springwood

They are Comfortable

If you compare other sunglasses with wooden sunglasses, you will find out that wooden frames are noticeably extra comfortable.

Their lightweight provides maximum comfort allowing you to wear them for a long time without discomfort or pressure around the ears or on your nose bridge. This is contrary to sunglasses made from metal or plastic which are considerably heavier. For maximum comfort you can check out from our favourite collection here

They are Eco-Friendly

When you choose sunglasses made from wood you are in the right direction and conscious enough towards the safety of environment. By replacing products made from plastics with environmentally friendly products, you are helping to reduce your impact on environment. Therefore, when you replace plastic sunglasses with wooden sunglasses which are eco-friendly, you are positively making a huge impact on your carbon trail.

The woods we use are sustainably sourced and are environmentally friendly. Wood is an exceptional material helping in the reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere hence tackling climate change.

The processing and production of sunglasses made from wood has minimal environmental impact. Less energy is required compared to the production of sunglasses made from acetate, plastic, steel or other materials. Wood is biodegradable and recyclable; therefore, when you are done with your sunglasses, they can be used to make new pair of wooden sunglasses unlike plastics.

Environmentally friendly Coogie

Trees are natural resources which can be regrown through replanting, natural processes and appropriate forest management. These trees are the source of sustainable wood used to make these sunglasses. When trees are harvested and replanted, the forest’s regrowth cycle and health is improved resulting to a positive environmental impact.

They are not made from unsafe materials.

Wood is natural and does not need to undergo through many processes to make wooden frames. This is contrary to when metal and plastic sunglasses are made, their processing and production requires different chemicals which can create negative environmental impacts.

Wood comes in its natural form, with minimal processing. It is also hypoallergenic material, meaning it is the best alternative compared to some materials that perhaps may lead to allergic reactions or different health issues. Try Native Green

Wood sunglasses do not contain toxic chemicals, making you to avoid the risk of contacting harmful substances. This aspect is especially useful for sunglasses, since it will allow you to wear them for a long time without feeling skin irritation or unnecessary discomfort, as opposed to metal or plastic sunglasses.

Every pair is different

Wooden sunglasses are the best choice for those who want to stay unique and stand out. Every pair of wooden sunglasses is different from each other even if they are crafted from the same wood. Each wood has unique texture, colour and grain, making it a distinct quality design. When plastic sunglasses display their different patterns and prints for design, sunglasses made from wood showcase distinct fashion subtle lines in their frames that are different from one pair to another.

They are versatile and Fashionable

Wood is a beautiful material which is natural. When wood is keenly handcrafted, it will always add elegance and flair to any design. Whether used to design homes with furniture or when enhancing your outfit with accessories made from wood. It is therefore, undeniable that wooden materials can fit with any style and seemingly fit everywhere.

The same is also relevant to sunglasses. 

Nowadays heavily printed and bright colored plastic pieces are not much popular; most of reputable street brands have taken a contrasting turn towards designing sunglasses in the present times. Currently, there have been changes in craftwork and it has been seen that wooden silhouettes and neutral palettes are presently dominating.

Like other sunglasses, wooden sunnies can be shaped and designed and into various types of glasses. From aviators to wayfarers, all can be made from wood. The reason why sunglasses made from wood are unique and more special is because of the difference on the wood grain pattern, they are never matching. Therefore, whenever you are on your wooden sunglasses, your fashion will be unique and one of a kind wherever you go.

Wood glasses will easily allow you to instantly refresh your wardrobe without any difficulty. With their understated elegance, they can immediately tune your sense of fashion to match the latest trending style. Even if you decide to don a sleek professional style or a street casual look, a pair of sunglasses made from wood will always match your style.

For monochromatic dressing, we recommend neutrals as the classic tone make for an effortless, sleek look. For eyewear, you should go for brown tones. The wooden style can set off any mood – whether formal or casual.

Wooden sunglasses are generally the best eyewear you can buy, irrespective of the kind of wood they are made from. When they are chosen over sunglasses made from plastic, wooden sunglasses will not only help you in reducing your carbon footprint but also in protecting your eyes with a sense of fashion. Therefore your purchase will make a positive environmental significance.

When improving your fashion with our Bambies sunglasses, keep in mind all of these aspects and remember you are making a difference.

Join the movement by buying from our collection your preferred wooden sunglasses.

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