Use Ecological Wood Sunglasses to Protect your Eyes this Year 2021

What a great dilemma we are facing: look great, protect our eyes and continue keeping safe the planet we are living on.

Where do we even start? Let’s see!
As time pass by, the environmental damage has been increasingly noticeable. And the largest part of it is due to the amount of waste accumulating yearly in various parts of this world.

Currently, the situation would have been different if these wastes were taking short period to degrade. But this is not the case. Considering the materials used to manufacture these wastes: plastic, they generally take a lot of time to degrade.

Discredited and poor of it, it is so exploited but so useful; so polluting but so moldable.

Let’s face the truth! Even though it is cheap, plastic is costing us heavily.

For this reason, our sunglasses are increasingly made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials like wood.

Therefore, to contribute towards keeping our planet safe, opt for our biodegradable and sustainable sunglasses.

They sometimes ask. “Wooden Sunglasses having biodegradable lenses”

If you experience the same thing, don’t hesitate to stop via our catalogue.

Wow! How easier our lives made by technology and its advances?
For instance, our polarized lenses 100% protect your eyes from harmful UVA rays from the sun. They also come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They also have wooden pins which are handmade.Most important, keeping your eyes safe does not have to produce waste that takes a lot of time to degrade. Avoid accessories made from materials that are not sustainable and eco-friendly.

Just like in summer or winter, perfect wood sunglasses will always protect your eyes from damage.

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