Top Wooden Silhouettes Trends in 2024

If you are looking for an accessory that can instantly transform the way you look, try without any doubt a trendy pair of wooden frames. Getting the best wood sunglasses in Australia is the easiest and the fastest way to improve your style whether you want those having prescription lenses or not. When it comes to specs this year, pieces presenting bold statements, geometric designs and unconventional shapes are stealing the spotlight. Other retro styles from 80’s are also back in the trending list of wooden frames this year!

Try something different to enhance your style into the coming decade by picking out some of the perfect ecofriendly sunglasses made from wood this time.

Belowis the breakdown of some of the top trending wooden silhouettes which will definitely help you in achieving a top notch fashion enhancement in the year 2024.

Retro Round Wood Sunglasses

Vintage styles are back and are currently dominating the runways; the same is happening with the latest sunglasses trends. Suitable and timeless for everyone, silhouettes which are round will offer a vintage feeling to almost all of your outfits. They look perfect small, the smaller your sunglasses the more vintage touch they offer. If you want to be noticed, try small round sunglasses. Check out our Springwood our Australia made wooden sunglass.

Cat-Eye Winged Wood Sunglasses

Still fashionable as ever, sunglasses with cat-eye wings contour a lady’s face and also provide a perfect glam to all outfits. These sunglasses uphold that balance between powerful and playful and will definitely inspire confidence anywhere. The wood frames come in different prints which will enable you to choose on your ideal outfit combination. Check out Cooglatta when shopping Australia wooden sunglasses online this season.

Retro Square Wood Sunglasses

Big sunglasses with square shapes are coming back in the fashion scene recently even though they are from the past almost a half a century back. You can go for true-square shapes or frames with corners that are gently rounded. Either way, you will absolutely make a bold fashion sense with a pair of wood sunglasses like our Mackay good sunglasses with bamboo frames.

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