The year is underway and it has surprisingly come with a lot of fashion changes like never seen before. New trends of sunglasses are continually emerging recently notwithstanding the existence of the already enduring styles and looks.

Fashion industries are becoming more concerned with the environment. The trend is shifting towards the products that are environmentally friendly. The use of sustainable materials in sunglasses this season is focusing towards getting renewable.

Materials like wood and bamboo are highly trending and are attracting more interests and possibly they are soon going to gain popularity across all Australia made sunglasses brands.

Below are some of the trending styles of wooden sunglasses in Australia this year;

Sustainable Colored Lenses

Just like in the past, this year has seen colored lenses enjoy an incredible renaissance. There are various bold colors being used to design different sunglass lenses. To stand out by producing a complete and striking summer look, try coordinating the color of your shades with your outfit using our Whitehaven sunglasses with bamboo frames.

Big Eco-sunglasses

This season have also seen oversized sunglasses making a great comeback especially the retro styled wooden sunglasses. There are many good looking rectangle and square sunglasses with oversized frames trending right now in the eyewear fashion industry. These sunglasses offer a bold look when you find a perfect pair that suit the shape of your face correctly.

When looking for a bold and big pair of designer sunglasses online, you can try out our Cork Oak sunglasses

Round Ecological Sunglasses

Another coming and up trending sunglass designs in this season are round sunglasses. This is a season of big and bold, you can try oversized round lens pair of sunglasses with large wood frames. They provide a bold style and will definitely attract more attention. Our Spring Wood sunglasses are round and gorgeous.

Ecofriendly Sporty Frames

Sportsand functional outdoor clothing is greatly trending this season and you will never go wrong when you complement a pair of sporty sunglasses with your active-ware. Check out for good quality sunglasses with sleek and narrow frames made with lightweight materials such as wood. This kind of look offers a classic and low key styles providing a performance aesthetic. Our Nativegreen Australia made sunglasses are good for people who want a sporty fashion.

Fashion and what is trending aside, the main purpose of wearing a pair of sunglasses is to provide your eyes coverage from the damaging effects of harmful UV rays from the sun.

For quality Australia sunglasses online, you can visit our Bambies shop and get on board this moving new trend with some sustainable stylish wood or bamboo frames.

Take care of your health while looking great!


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