What you should know about cloth face mask

People are still battling COVID-19 caused by the corona virus, and it is very crucial to continue limiting the virus from spreading. A part from social distancing, a cloth face mask is also important and helpful in reducing the spread of this virus in public places.

Sometimes you might be sick and yet you are not aware, cloth face mask will prevent inadvertent spread of the virus to others. During this pandemic, you should make your face mask as a new social contract part between you and people around you.

However, you have been wearing these cloth masks for some time now and perhaps have some questions or challenges – worry no more! We have some important tips to keep you going.

When should you wear your Mask?

According to CDC recommendations, you should wear your cloth face mask whenever you are having hard time to keep social distancing in a public setting.

Even though there is no fast or hard rule about where and when you should or shouldn’t wear a mask, there are several places where you will find challenging to keep social distancing like; retail stores, gas stations, pharmacies, buses and trains, grocery stores among others.

If maybe you are going out for an exercise or a walk and expect to have no problem of social distancing, you can forgo your mask – but generally it’s better to always have it available, just in case. Try our Pink Pointed Nose Cotton Cloth

Does wearing mask replace social distancing?

Face masks are added means of protection that help in the reduction of COVID-19 in environments where keeping social distance is demanding. Wearing of cloth face mask is just a supplement but NOT a substitute for social distancing.

It is therefore, safest and appropriate to wear a face mask and practice social distancing both at the same time whenever you are in a public setting. Check out Black Linen Cloth 

How should your mask fit?

For effective protection from cloth mask, you should correctly wear it.

Ensure that your face masks:

  • Comfortably fitting your face without posing any breathing difficulty
  • Remains locked at both under the chin and your nose bridge
  • Covers both your mouth and nose

When wearing your cloth mask, you should avoid touching it before washing your hands. You should also avoid leaving it rest on your forehead or drape around the neck.

Finally, if you have breathing problems, avoid wearing cloth mask, and don’t put it on any person who is not capable of removing it without assistance – also not suitable for children under the age of two years. Meet Bufferton Grey Linen Cloth

How do you remove your mask?

Just like wearing it, removing yours face masks should also be done correctly.

When removing your mask, first, use the bands or strings securing it behind the ears. Together fold the outside corners while holding the bands or strings only. Store or wash your face mask.

Do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes when removing face mask. Also remember to clean your hands using sanitizers or running water and soap immediately. Try Blue Pointed Cotton Cloth

How should you wash your mask and after how long?

It is recommended by CDC that cloth masks should be washed after every use, and it can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine.

When using a washing machine, you can wash it alongside your usual laundry – with warm water and standard detergents for laundry.

If using your hands, soak it for around five minutes in bleach and then thoroughly rinse with water.

Make sure that your face mask is fully dry after washing. You can use your dryer or hung it flat in a space receiving direct sunlight. Check out Coverly Green Linen Cloth

Where and how should you store your mask?

When you are not using your mask, store it in a cool and dry place. You can keep it in places where you will easily remember before leaving the house like your door hook.

You can also store your face mask maybe when at your work place, for such a reason consider having disposable paper bag to store your mask while not wearing it. But you should consider choosing dry areas where mold and mildew cannot grow.Also consider protecting the inner part of the mask from any contamination. We have Visage Stripe Cotton Cloth

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Stay safe!

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