Best Vintage Sunglasses Made from Wood in 2021

Sunglasses are nowadays playing an important part of our everyday fashion life. There are various types of designer sunglasses available in the market right now, but the most popular designs are the vintage wooden sunglasses.

When you pick the right pair of wood sunglasses, your face, mood and style can be immediately changed. Currently, trends and time is changing, and folks are embracing fashion changes.

The markets of sunglasses are bringing good quality and stylish sunglasses designed with old classic details and shapes.The options are many, but just go for best wooden sunglasses that perfectly fit you and make you look great.

Being the most desired accessory across almost every generation, vintage sunglasses made from wood are known for their high quality components and style they are designed.Below are some of the trending wood vintage sunglasses you should opt for in 2021.

Wood Sunglasses with Mirrored Lens

These eyewear collections are mostly wanted in the market. The vintage wood sunglasses with mirrored lens will add to your fashion a new taste. They are quite funky and flashy. They provide reflections of people talking to you. They are stylish and classy.

When you are looking for designer sunglasses online you can opt for our Blue Reef vintage sunglasses here at Bambies.

‘90s Small Sunglasses

The tiny and slim frames are getting more followers rapidly over the year. These tiny vintage sunglasses not only protect you from UV rays from the sun but also provide high-fashion sense and that is the reason many people are in love with them. Try rocking our Native Green which is Australia made wooden sunglass.

Retro Square Shape Sunglasses

These kinds of sunglasses are inspired by the fashion trends of 90’s. They have become fashionable favorite to almost everybody who loves wood sunglasses in Australia. These vintage homemade wooden sunglasses give perfect protection from UV rays from the sun and also give that trendy and practical look. Check out our Vintage Mackay sunglasses when looking for wooden sunglasses for sale.

Sunglasses with Double Bridge

Vintage sunglasses with double bridge are one the trending designs in 2021. With that vintage inspiration, double-bridge wooden sunglasses are mostly chosen by men. They can have square or round frames, whichever the shape of sunglasses fitting your face perfectly. Our Loch Ard Gorge vintage sunglasses are perfect pair of Aussie sunglasses just for you.

Shield Sunglasses

The most recent trending vintage sunglass design in 2021 is shield sunglass. Their flat top will flawlessly complement your outfits giving you that old-fashioned vibe. Their angular details also make them ideal for both women and men. Shield sunglasses that are oversized are the favorites for most sunglass lovers. Sport our vintage Suffolk sunglasses whenever you are looking for wooden sunglasses for women.

Tortoiseshell Colored Sunglasses

Wood sunglasses with tortoiseshell colour are also trending high in 2021 mostly for women. When you are opting to wear anything soft, try a whiskey or Smokey, dark color tortoiseshell sunglass, it will provide you a perfect match. Their tortoise radiants can brighten any mood and look immediately.

They have bright rims and not only protect you from the sun but also add a fashion value to your outfit. Try rocking our Bays of Fire vintage sunglasses designed with bamboo frames.

Oversized Cat-Eye Wood Sunglasses 

These are sunglasses mainly designed for women who are fashionable. They make you look more attractive. Cat-eye sunglasses with oval or round shape are suitable for people with angular face. Cat-eye sunglasses with wings are perfect for those with triangle or square faces to provide wide jaw-line balance. Check out our vintage Rosewood sunglasses for a charming cat-eye look.

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