Wooden Frames: Socially Responsible and Sustainable Choice

Many people will agree that apart from looking good, perfect sunglasses should also be durable, functional, and eco sustainably made. When compared to other materials used in making sunglass frames, wood proves to be the best. 

Appropriately built wood products are known for their timeless appeal and long-lasting nature. Right wood sunglasses feel and look natural. They are remarkably lightweight, which makes them the best eco-sustainable sunglasses alternative to plastics and metals.

Each sunglass with a wooden frame is unique and different owing to natural wood patterns. Unlike costly customs designs in plastics and metal frames, wooden frames are standard. Make your style stand out and unique with Bambies all-wood sunglasses; you can check out our designer sunglasses online. So long as the frame is made from ethically sourced wood from sustainable forests, they are environmentally friendly. All our eyewear collections match these standards.

Wood is an inherent ecological material hence carbon sink – it locks out carbon polluting the environment. For a combination of both style and sustainability, you can check out Currumbin, our best bamboo frame sunglass.

Wooden sunglasses are increasingly becoming common in various markets for obvious known reasons. Apart from being environmentally friendly, wooden frames are also durable, attractive, and light.

Many customers are seeking better ways of making a difference. By choosing sunglasses with wood frames, you can, without compromising quality and style, make an impact. Good quality sunglasses made from wood can be a life-time accessory as long as they are properly maintained and taken good care of.

Wooden frame sunglasses offer timeless quality, unlike stylish frames made from plastic and metals that rapidly get out of fashion. 

If you want to become more pretty with age, put Australia-made sunglasses at Bambies and see for yourself. We offer a wide range of eyewear collections made from wood.

The comfortable and lightweight designs from Bambies will give you a great way to understanding the benefits of using wooden sunglasses.

Designed with flair and care, Bambies always work towards ensuring sustainable and high-quality products. Both the planet and materials are respected during the process of designing our wooden sunglasses.

When you want to buy the best Australian sunglasses, choose our shop for a beautiful and eco-friendly pair of sunglasses made from wood.

As one of the fastest-growing Australia-made sunglasses brands, all Bambies wooden sunglasses are eco-friendly, lightweight, stylish, handcrafted with love, comfort, and provide high-grade polarized lenses. We offer some of the best sustainable and discounted sunglasses in Australia.

For the good of our planet,

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