Tiny Sunglasses: A Trending Style in 2021


Replace your oversize sunglasses! There is a new style in the block! You correctly guessed it, tiny sunglasses are back and have officially begun to return. Lately, several fashion celebrities are regularly seen rocking the tiny sunglasses fashion. Many people are trying to get a pair on their hands to be part of the trend. The fashion trend of tiny sunglasses is coming back from the '90s, and for sure, it's here to stay!

Have you ever secretly craved for the tiny modern sunglasses­? Crave no more; we got you covered here at Bambiesonline.com. However, before choosing to purchase one, you should consider the shape of your face and go for a perfect fit.

Below are some of our top 3 sustainable tiny sunglasses that will elevate your fashion sense and make you onboard the latest trending fashion:

Bold Cat-Eye Wooden Sunglasses

This collection is part of the currently trending cat-eye sunglasses. With a feminine touch, these sunglasses are the ideal ladies' choice. They are perfectly small yet perfect enough for the current trend.

They are designed with a curved and alluring bronze wooden glow, a small frame that fits. These sunglasses are also handcrafted from Bamboo for a comfortable upscale feel. They feature amber polarized lenses.

You can try our Rosewood sunglasses with a bamboo frame. It is suitable for oval, heart, round, and square face shapes.


Retro Round Wooden Sunglasses

Eyewear is essential. Therefore, it is important to look for sunglasses that closely match your persona. These sunglasses trace their way back to the '90s and are currently trending. If you like sunglasses with a retro touch, you can rock our Tikehau sunglasses made with wood round frames. They have small frames and fits. Featuring brown amber lenses, they have slimline arms made from wood and a keyhole-like nose-bridge for an alluring throwback finish.


Tikehau sunglasses perfectly complement square, rectangle, heart, oblong, and diamond face shapes. However, because of their roundness, they are effortless to pull off and fit most face shapes.

Ultra-Chick Round Wooden Sunglasses 

Many people prefer geometric shapes like round shape, which is most wanted. Sunglasses with such frames mostly complements various face shapes, just like our Native Green sunglasses with wooden frames.


These alluring sunglasses have small frames, yet they fit well. They have retro-round frames and also vintage-inspired. Native Green are homemade from Walnut Wood, making them strong and durable. They feature polarized amber lenses and round edges, giving them a luxurious feel.


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